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Dontex Performance Remote Tuning Agreement


*Vehicle Information
*PCM Information
  My PCM is Stock and NOT Unlocked add (2015+ vehicles)
  My PCM is Unlocked (2015+ vehicles)
  Not Applicable (pre 2015 vehicles)
*OBD2 Bypass information
  I do not have a ODB2 Smart access cable add (2018+ vehicles)
  I have a OBD2 Smart access cable (2018+ vehicles)
  Not Applicable (pre 2018)
*Fuel Injector information***MUST BE STOCK
  My Fuel Injectors are stock
*Thermostat Information
*Catalytic Converter Information
  I Have stock Catalytic Convertors
  I Have hi-flow Catalytic Convertors
*Exhaust Header Information
  I Have Stock Exhaust Headers
  I Have Long Tube Headers
*Policies & Procedures **ALL MUST BE CHECKED
  I have basic computer knowledge
  I am familiar with sending/receiving e-mails with attachments
  Remote tuning correspondence is through e-mail ONLY.
  I understand the data log process including reading and loading tunes
  I understand this remote tuning includes one complementary revision, if needed.
*Original Backup Tune REQUIRED
  I Understand That I Will Not Receive My New Tune Until I Send My Original Backup Tune
  I Will Send My Original Backup Tune to;
*Acceptance of Agreement
  I Accept the Terms of This Agreement - See Details in Description



I Accept the Terms of This Agreement – See Details:

I hereby attest that I have read all the above information, am of sound mind, and fully comprehend and agree with all the information there-in (both supplied by Dontex Performance and provided by myself, the undersigning). Further, I attest that all the information is complete, thorough, accurate, and correct. I also understand that if this agreement is in anyway violated or compromised, the remote tuning service may be terminated and discontinued at that time without refund.


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