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Jeep SRT ZFHP70 Stage 1 Performance Transmission (2013-2022)


*Core Exchange
  I will send my Transmission in to be built
  I need to purchase a Core Unit Outright with no Exhange $10,500.00
*Hi Stall Convertor upgrade (4-6 week leadtime)
  I would like to add 3200-3500rpm Hi Stall Convertor $3,650.00
*Transmission Oil option
  Please add 9 Litres of Genuine Mopar ZF Fluid $899.55.55

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Built In house here in Australia at Dontex Performance our Stage 1 Proprietary ZFHP70 Performance Transmission is the entry level to ensure peace of Mind up to 1100 HP / 1100nm of torque

Don’t dread thinking your factory E-drum will explode because it will and will cause extreme damage to the transmission and cost you double to repair. Our built in House Stage 1 Proprietary Transmission also comes with a 3 Year Warranty¬†

No Need to send your transmission to the USA for weeks or months to be built and pay send and return costs, if we don’t have it in stock we will have it built in 2 weeks and comes with a 3 Year Peace of Mind Warranty

Comes with a complimentary base file tune for the transmission if you want a full engine and transmission tune as they require to talk to each other then there will be additional costs for professional remote tuning.

*Pricing Effective July 1st 2023*


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