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House of Hemi HP Tuners RTD+ (Remote Tuning Device)


  please add 2 Credits $170.00 (Engine Only)
  please add 6 Credits $510.00 (Engine & Transmission)
*Remote Tuning
  I Require Engine Remote Tuning add $850.00
  I Require Auto Transmission Remote Tune $350.00
  I have filled out the Dontex Performance Remote Tuning Agreement & added it to the cart with this product
*PCM unlock (2015+ vehicles)
  I Require my PCM to be sent in for unlocking add $595.00
*ODB2 Bypass (2018+ vehicles)
  I Require a Smart access cable add $189.00
*Wideband Option (Air Fuel Ratio)
  I Require a Dynojet Wideband 2 Kit $795.00
  I Require a Pro Link Feature Set for RTD+ $499.00
  I Require a Wideband exhaust bracket Clamp $245.00

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What is HP Tuners “RTD+” interface device?

First of all, “RTD+” stands for “Remote Tuning Device”. It is a compact interface device designed and manufactured by HP Tuners in the USA. It is the latest generation of a flashing interface hardware allowing us to send our tunes easily to any owners of a supported HP Tuners vehicles. The RTD+ allows the end user to be more informed than ever with the same professional data logging capabilities (VCM Scanner) as the MPVI2+. Data logging is a crucial part of making maximum horsepower and torque safely and efficiently and ensures precise data that can be interpreted in real time and saved for review by the end user or the professional that is tuning your vehicle.

  • RTD+ supports VCM Scanner and “DOES” allows the end user all the same VCM Scanner capabilities of diagnostics, DTC’s, logging, and scanning

  • RTD+ interface devices “DOES NOT” come with credits. Credits will have to be purchased based on the vehicles year, make and model.

  • A windows laptop (Windows 7 or 10) computer is required for data logging and flashing tunes in your vehicle

  • RTD+ is only for flashing and “DOES NOT” support VCM Editor

**Now Offering Remote Tuning for Chrysler, Jeep & Ram

*Pricing Effective July 1st*

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