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Dontex Performance DT RAM 5.7 Etorque Exclusive Twin Turbocharger Kit


*Fuel System Upgrade (boost above 5psi)
  Fore Innovations Double Pump Return Style Fuel System $7,200.00
  MSD Fuel Pump Booster $1,395.00
*Powder Coating Cold Side Option
  Yes Please Powder Coat Cold Side Piping for a neat finish $550.00
*HPC Coating Hot Side Option
  Yes Please add HPC Coating to the Hot Side to Temp Exhaust Tempretures Down $750.00
*External Wastegate Option
  Please Add External Wastegates with Screamers $2,750.00
*Forged Internal Option
  Please Add Internal Forged Engine Build $17,500.00
  Please Add a Performance Camshaft Package to my Forged internal Build $3,750.00
*Transmission Upgrade Option
  Please Add Stage 2 Transmission Build



Dontex Performance DT RAM Twin Turbo In-House Kit

Introducing our exclusive designed Patient Pending DT RAM Twin Turbocharger Kit to suit 5.7 E-torque

Using the highest quality materials this sleeper twin turbo kit mounts directly under the vehicle so no one even knows why you’re going so fast! This kit has been designed for that “EXTRA” Horsepower & Torque while towing or simply at the race track but can be used as a nice daily drive whilst maintaining a factory fuel consumption on the highway.

Don’t be fooled…. This kit is capable of 1800hp so if you want to be that boy/girl racer we have options for you to turn the boost right up including in house transmission upgrades, fuel system and Forged internal options.

This Kit produces 5psi with a stock fuel delivery system and 9 psi with an optional MSD Booster Pump System

*This Kit is worldwide however due to LHD conversions there may be slight modifications required*

  • 2 x Pulsar Turbo 6255 .92 DVB Internal wastegate oil & water cooled 1800hp rated (optional external wastegates with screamers)
  • High Quality 304 Stainless Steel Hot Side Piping (optional HPC coating)
  • High Quality Aluminum Cold Side Piping (optional Powder Coating)
  • Pacemaker Silver Ceramic Coated 1-7/8″ Long Tube Headers
  • 4 x O2 Sensors Extenders
  • Premium Braided Oil Feed Hose
  • Premium Aeroflow fittings
  • High Quality Custom Dontex Front Mount Intercooler
  • Aeroflow Oil Return pump
  • High Quality Turbo Oil Return Sump
  • Turbosmart Blow off valve
  • Aeroflow Air Filters
  • High Quality Custom Dontex Catch Can
  • 774cc Fuel Injectors (MAX 5psi) More boost will require 1000cc and up
  • 2 Bar Map Sensor
  • Vacuum Hose
  • Water Hoses
  • New Engine Oil Sump with Oil Return Bung for bolt straight up
  • New Sump Gasket
  • 16 x Brisk Racing RR12s Spark Plugs
  • Eboost2 Boost Controller
  • PCM Unlock
  • Custom Engine Dyno Tuning
  • Custom 8 Speed Auto Tune
  • 7 Litres of Oil
  • 4 Litres of Red Organic Coolant
  • Before & After Dyno Graph

DT 6.2 Supercharged compound TRX RAM kits coming Q1 2024!

DS 5.7 RAM Kits coming Q2 2024!

Please Note- If you do not choose to add the Pacemaker 3″ Cat back exhaust system please allow $950.00 to modify your existing exhaust system up to the turbo kit.


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