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6.4L HEMI Spark Plugs RR15YS by Brisk Racing – 16 Plug Package


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Hemi Performance Spark Plugs Recommended for Stock Replacement

Brisk’s Silver Racing Spark Plugs are the best solution for high performance and racing engines. These plugs offer the best thermal and electrical conductor of all metals, Silver, which provides an unmatched transfer of electricity and heat, resulting in the most powerful spark. Silver racing spark plugs feature many benefits commonly used in forced induction applications, applications where the ignition system is pushed to the limit and applications with hard to ignite fuels such as alcohol, LPG, Nitro-methane, etc.. The ‘spark’ produced is so powerful that it burns nanoparticles of the silver center electrode, which further increases the spark energy and ignition ability. Silver racing spark plugs are the most versatile spark plugs produced by Brisk!


Best Electric and Heat Conductor.
Silver Fine Wire Center Electrode.
Tapered Ground Electrode.
Special High Dialectic Strength Insulator.
Superior Ignition Ability.
Good Resistance to Fouling.
Combustion Chamber Efficiency.
Excellent for Total Loss Ignition Systems.
Lower Required Supplied Ignition Voltage : beneficial for easier cold starts and
operation under partially fouled spark plug condition caused by prolonged idling,
A/F management problems or oil consumption. Also for applications where the
stock ignition system is pushed to the limit, helping to eliminate the need to upgrade
the ignition system.
Silver Racing Spark Plug

14mm Thread
25mm-1″ Reach
Tapered Seat
Heat Range: 15


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