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House of Hemi 2011+ Cherokee L4 Dual Pump Fuel System by Fore Innovations


  Gasoline / race gas (<15% ethanol)
  Ethanol blends, gasoline, race gas
*Intake Manifold
  OE 5.7L or 6.1L
  OE 6.4L, Add $98.00
  Edelbrock, Magnuson, Whipple, Add $90.00
  Kenne Bell, Add $98.00
*Intake Manifold (if Other)
*Fuel Rails
  Black Anodized
  Delete rails, keep fittings, Subtract -$520.00
*Primary Fuel Pump
  Walbro GSS342 G3, Add $170.00
  TI Auto F90000262, Add $240.00
  TI Auto F90000267, Add $240.00
  TI Auto F90000274, Add $250.00
  TI Auto F90000285, Add $320.00
  TI Auto F90000295, Add $340.00
*Secondary Fuel Pump
  Walbro GSS342 G3, Add $170.00
  Walbro GSS352 G3, Add $190.00
  TI Auto F90000262, Add $240.00
  TI Auto F90000267, Add $240.00
  TI Auto F90000285, Add $320.00
*Electrical Upgrades
  None (I have my own fuses, wiring, relays, etc)
  Pump power pigtails only, Add $50.00
  FC2 Controller with wiring, Add $418.00
  FC3 Staged Controller with wiring, Add $498.00
*Fuel Lines
  PTFE -8 Feed / Return
  FlexLP -8 Feed / Return
  Startlite -8 Feed / Return
*Fuel Lines Upgrade
  Upgrade to -10 Feed, Add $130.00
*Filtration Media
  Microglass SSD, Add $38.00
  Stainless Steel, Add $64.00
*Fuel Filter Upgrades
  Upgrade to 128mm Filter, Add $60.00
  Add billet mounting bracket, Add $90.00
*System Options
  0-100 psi Fuel Pressure Gauge, Add $54.00
  Honeywell Pressure Switch for FC3, Add $90.00
  Flex fuel sensor intercept fittings, Add $138.00
  Boost / Vacuum Manifold kit, Add $150.00
  Include 6mL tube of Loctite 567, Add $16.00
  AN soft jaws and wrench set, Add $126.00

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Return fuel system capable of 900+ rwhp with dual fuel pumps. (recommend to run one pump full time, then activate secondary pump under load) Fuel rails in parallel with regulator after rails. Includes in-tank supply system that retains OE transfer, fuel level senders, and EVAP functionality, upgraded feed and return lines, monoblock Hemi fuel rails, y-block, high capacity filtration and check valve, and high capacity F2i regulator with boost reference.
Fuel system becomes E85 capable by choosing F90000267, F90000274, F90000285 fuel pumps AND microglass SSD or stainless filtration.
  • WK2 Fuel Pump Module (dual pump)
  • 2-1 Y-block
  • F2i Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • 88mm Inline Fuel Filter
  • Billet Hemi Fuel Rails
  • FCV Checkvalve
  • All fittings, hose, hardware required for typical fuel line plumbing
-30 feet of fuel line and 14 matching hose ends (your choice)
-Qty 8, billet low profile 90 degree fittings
-Qty 6, straight AN to o-ring fittings
-Qty 10, hose straps and stainless hardware
-Qty 2, 1/8 NPT plugs
This is a stand alone fuel system. Professional installation and a custom tune is required. Qualified installers and tuners must be able to interface to the OE harness and FPDM, understand proper component placement, hose routing, and deliver the vehicle with factory-like pump prime/on/off logic with no error codes. Fore Innovations will supply basic system schematics and detailed component level instructions, and can provide troubleshooting of the performance and function of our system and components.
This fuel system generates substantially more heat and capacity than the original fuel system. The high powered fuel pumps make much more heat than the factory pump and the composite fuel tank construction acts as an insulator and stores heat. Additionally, the shape of the factory fuel tank limits the pickup capacity of this fuel system. The user (driver) must keep more fuel (than normal) in the tank at all times to minimize heat damage and ensure adequate fuel pickup.
*Pricing Effective July 1st 2023*

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